Rate Schedule

Labor – $90.00/hour

Travel Lift – Rates are per foot of boat length

Haul Out –

$9.00/ft (44′ and below)

$10.00/ft (45′ – 55′)

$11.50/ft (56′ and up).

This includes hauling out/in and blocking.

Haul Out/In for transport- $9.00/ft + labor rate if work takes longer than 1 hour

Pressure wash – $3.00/ft

Pressure wash houseboat – $3.50/ft

Dustless Blasting – $180.00/hr

Bottom Paint – Averages around $100 / foot plus Haul Out & Pressure Wash

Daily yard fee –

  • $1.00 per foot per day for outside sub-contract laborers (non-trailerable boats)
  • $2.00 per foot per day for usage of inside storage
  • $20.00 a day for any trailerable boat customer with unreasonable delay in picking boat up from yard (within 5 days of completing work order)

*Anger Marine does not charge storage while we are repairing your boat.